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LAST ONE/WEEK 5: LOGO’s Roots: Piaget and AI, Images of the Learning Society

“The obstacle to the growth of popular computer cultures is cultural, for example, the mismatch between the computer culture embedded in the machines of today and the cultures of the homes they will go into. And if the problem is cultural the remedy must be cultural.”

"ENCORE ENCORE" It's been a blast samba book club!

Things to think about:Paper writes, “In the schools math is math and history is history and juggling is outside the intellectual pale.” How could we teach/learn in a way that’s less compartmentalized and builds connections between seemingly distinct disciplines (e.g. math, history or poetry)?
In the final chapter of the book, Papert describes Brazilian samba schools as a radical model of education that can be contrasted with traditional schools. Central to the success of this model is the notion that what is being learned is deeply connected to the wider culture. How could we transform subjects that are seen as academic or irrelevant to daily life into somethi…

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